Some people in this game are just way too clever…


How would you like to sit in on this client pitch for Freddy clothing and hear the word thaumascope used? Well abstr^ct:groove dropped it and the brilliant kaleidoscope video was born.

Oh wait, here is the kicker: no post production on this beautiful, beauty.


Creative and production studio abstr^ct:groove had the pleasure to experiment with an ancient visual technique: the kaleidoscope.
“We designed and built 4 thaumascopes of different sizes and shapes. The biggest one was 9 metres long with a triangular opening of 2.5 metres and the smallest was 1.5 metres in length with a square opening of 60 centimetres.

In order to understand how to achieve the graphics patterns we wanted, we started by studying small scale models and then we went onto CGI simulations.
All the effects have been obtained in camera without the use of added post production.”
The motion design is powerfully aided by exceptional performers: The Italian National Team of Rhythmic Gymnastic “le Farfalle”, choreographed by their trainer Emanuela Maccarani.

The film is directed by Luigi Pane, who was personally involved in set design, soundtrack scoring and the combined choreography of the gymnasts and backgrounds.

Hungry for just how those smarties at abstr^ct:groove created that kaleidoscope effect?

Well you are in luck…

Freddy – KALEIDOSCOPE – Behind The Scenes

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