The Rhonda Cam Super 8 camera prototype by Pro8mm is getting beta tested at Cine Gear Expo by the shows attendees. The trendy super 8 camera is named after Pro8mm company’s co-owner Rhonda, naturally enough. The Ronda Cam evolved from a Canon 310 XL super 8 camera which was originally produced from 1975-1983. It was adorned as being the world’s fastest lens speed of f/1.0, and a 3x zoom and macro shooting as close as 215 mm from the film plane mark if the zooming lever was set at “Macro.”

More than a retro throw back with a modern look; we are bringing it back because even today, it can do something no other camera can do. It has the professional application as being the lowest light film camera on the market! The f/1.0, coupled with modern film stocks such as a 500 ASA is something filmmakers need in low light situations, such as indoor weddings or studio shots.

The Rhonda Cam camera is available with a variety of skins including animal print and camouflage. Eventually it is likely that custom skins will be available.

Rhonda states, “I wanted to design something young and fun that would appeal to a new generation of filmmakers that looked cool and was simple enough to use; a camera that they would be inclined to just pick up and shoot.” I also have heard from many of our regular clients that they have wanted a really small point and shoot super 8 camera that can be thrown into their handbag or backpack. We thought that we would be bold and come up with something really stylish that would appeal to the wedding filmmakers, and all the genres of super 8 lifestyle filmmakers we work with. I can’t wait to see it “on set” in the fashion industry, music videos, skating and boarding. I can just picture a camera on every table at a wedding, matching the décor of the event.

Pro8mm has not modified the original specs of the camera. The Pro8mm team of expert camera techs have gone through and tested each camera to bring it back to factory standards, including the focus, take up and exposure.
The Rhonda Cam has a limited range of exposure (40 and 160) so during the “Beta Test” period, Pro8mm will be able to determine which film stocks run best. Pro8mm know from experience that certain cameras prefer certain stocks. Since Pro8mm will not be increasing the pick up torques or exposure settings they will seek available recommendations and moving the Rhonda Cam project forward.

Rhonda Cam Specifications:

Focal Length: 8-5 – 25.5mm f/1.0 Macro Zoom

Speed: 18 FPS plus Single Frame

Auto Exposure

Power/Manual Zoom

Power = 2-AA

Measure: 39 x 112 x 176 mm

For more information about the Rhonda Cam please go to Pro8mm.

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