Rat Rig V-Sliders

Rat Rig Hardware have made a range of linear motion camera sliders based on V-Slot technology. Rat Rig sliders come in a multitude of sizes and have a starting price of just €35.90. Whether you’re a seasoned pro with a hi-tech rig, or a curious… Read More

RigWheels Passport Camera Dolly:

Passport Camera Dolly is the new name for PortaRail Collapsable Dolly Slider Rail System and Universal Rail Brackets combo. The Passport system is available now for pre-order and the first units will begin shipping early May however, new pre-orders are now expected to ship mid-June… Read More

Prosup Tango Roller:

The Tango Roller from Prosup is a lightweight roller system for cameras weighing up to 15 kg / 33 lbs and includes a 1.50 m length of track, the Tango roller and the end stops. Please see Prosup for more about their Tango Roller. #NB… Read More

Kessler Stealth Carbon Slider Drops:

Kessler Stealth slider gets lighter, smoother, quieter, and a carbon upgrade. Like its predecessor, there is a combination of the sleek style and linear movement Kessler customers expect from a camera slider and also features incredibly durable and lightweight carbon fiber construction. Carbon fiber, with… Read More

DitoGear BD Slider:

DitoGear have dropped a new powered slider onto the market called the BD slider. The BD Slider is configurable, comes in three sizes: 0.6m / 1.0m / 1.5m and is billed as affordable. Plus there is a 15% discount for preorders going on now. BD… Read More