Sneak Peek SmartSLIDER Atom

Sneak Peek SmartSLIDER Atom

The SmartSLIDER Atom is a completely brand new slider system made by Italian gear makers SmartSystem. Designed for travellers and for all the run and gun situations you may encounter. The Atom will be y...
Discover the ShooTools AutoPan

Discover the ShooTools AutoPan

The ShootTools Universal Panning Tool fits any slider out in the field right now the company says. The AutoPan system can add synchronised pan movement to any slider or dolly.
KIS Slider

Branko Kopic KIS MoCo Slider

Branko Kopic contacted Cinescopophilia and shared a few details about the MoCo slider he has been working on. I going to let Branko do the talking on his DIY single axis slider. Oh and he tells us there ...
Benro Sliders

SystemMove Sliders and Jib from Benro

Benro announces the addition of SystemMove, which includes camera movement tools such as a travel jib and camera sliders. Benro’s lightweight travel jib, known as the MoveUp4, features a folding design makin...
Ronford-Baker Motion Controlled Slider via Emit

Ronford-Baker Motion Controlled Slider via Emit

Via Emit... Jeff Lawrence from Ronford-Baker runs through the ins and outs of their motion controlled slider at the Micro Salon 2015. Features: Easy and quick to install Causes cameras up to 70kg Max...
M-Series Trost Slider

M-Series Trost Slider Review from Bob Gundu

Bob Gundu has done a pretty big review of the M-Series Trost Slider... M-Series Trost Slider Review from Bob Gundu on Vimeo. This is the revised slider from Trost. Smart design which keeps a low profile...
Motion9 Linecam

Motion9 Linecam 34 Slider and Linecam 46 Slider

Linecam Slider from Motion9 comes in 2 flavours... The Linecam 34 and the Linecam 46 slider. Motion9 has also gone by the name of Motionnine, you may remember their Brushless Gimbal Rig, and the Cube Cag...
Rat Rig Slider

Rat Rig V-Sliders

Rat Rig Hardware have made a range of linear motion camera sliders based on V-Slot technology. Rat Rig sliders come in a multitude of sizes and have a starting price of just €35.90. Whether you're a s...
Nebo Slider

Nebo MoCo Slider is The World’s Lightest Slider:

The Nebo motion controlled slider is billed as the world's lightest slider. The Nebo Slider is the world’s most lightweight and portable motion controlled slider, weighing in at under 3.2 pounds for the ...