NAB 2015: Schneider Showreel

Schneider at NAB 2015 showed off a showreel featuring amazing images captured by Phil Holland, Culprit Creative, and Sweatpants Media on Schneider Xenon and Xenar Lenses. Because they are purpose built for digital cinematography with today’s DSLR’s and other cameras, the Schneider Xenon full-frame lenses… Read More

How To Back Focus A Camera Lens:

Thom Calabro Director Marketing and Product Development at FUJIFILM Optical Devices Division, runs us through a handy little instructional video on how to adjust back focus on your camera lens. If you’re a professional videographer or cinematographer, you’ve likely been in a situation where your… Read More

NHK Waterproof Lens Filter:

NHK Engineering System or NHK-ES have come up with a way to prevent water droplets or spray sticking to your lens. Working with other interested parties since 1997 NHK have produced a lens filter that disperses water from the glass surface. Thread sizes for the… Read More

FUJINON XA55x9.5 55x HDTV Lens:

FUJIFILM launch the FUJINON XA55x9.5, a 55x high powered zoom and high optical performance lens and is best for sports broadcasts, concerts and live productions. Analog broadcast has ended in Japan, the US and Europe, and HD* equipment has become mainstream at TV program production… Read More