SmallHD Sidefinder EVF and 502 Monitor Combo

SmallHD Sidefinder Breakthrough new Viewfinder and Monitor Combo Premieres at NAB C9548 SmallHD has introduced a ground breaking new concept in affordable on-camera displays. The Sidefinder is a true high definition, fully featured, electronic viewfinder that boasts a groundbreaking benefit: a 5-inch, fold-out, Full HD… Read More

Atomos Connect Converters for $349:

Atomos, introduces pocket sized, battery-powered Connect converters, designed to simplify video interconnections anywhere and everywhere. Modern video productions use an ever-increasing range of professional and lower-cost equipment: a mixture of HD/SD-SDI and HDMI gear that needs to seamlessly connect in real-world conditions. Connect converters are… Read More

Cambo DSLR Viewfinders:

Cambo manufactures of professional photography, video and broadcasting products that are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands have some pretty cool gear and add to that list their viewfinders for DSLR cameras. Cambo viewfinders come in four flavours: the CS-30, CS-32, CS-33, and the CS-34.… Read More