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FS100 NXCAM S35mm Sony Camera Has A Name:

On the 23rd of March expect that the new Sony NXCAM Super 35mm Cine Compact camera with removable lens will officially be called the FS100? You can also bet money that regional editions of the Sony NXCAM will b...
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New JVC 4K Prosumer Camera Updated Info:

Remember when JVC showed off that $200,000+ Model KY-F4000 4K resolution 3840 x 2160 Sensor 1.25" CMOS camera. Yep put your hand down fibber because not many do. Well JVC have been playing with 4K for a few y...
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Picture: Sony PMW-F3K Prime 35mm, 50mm & 85mm Lenses:

With news that the expected sticker price for the New Sony PMW-F3K camera package will now be US$23,000 and the PMW-F3L will be US$16,000 it will make getting 3 sweet PL prime lenses- the 35mm, 50mm, and the 85...