Canon EOS C100 MKII Camera Facts

Canon have… Wait what’s the correct marketing term, launched, dropped, announced, produced, upgraded, updated, cleaned up their ugly old C100 Mark I? One of those… Small changes, but it places the camera buyer in a position of excitement, envy or desire, or a combination of… Read More


Recent and forthcoming refinements of the ALEXA camera system are detailed by Marc Shipman-Mueller, including the new recording formats ProRes 4444 XQ and ProRes 3.2K, before Michael Cioni, CEO of U.S. post house Light Iron, discusses 4K workflows and deliverables with ALEXA.

Nikon D750 FX-format Camera

Nikon have announced the D750 Nikon FX-format digital SLR camera. The D750 is the first in a new line of the compact, lightweight and slim Nikon FX-format bodies offering the superior agility as well as full-scale specifications needed for high-quality imaging and pursuing those of… Read More


ARRI have announced that they will release SUP 10.0 for the Alexa cameras. The ALEXA’s tenth software update will be released sometime in September 2014, concluding an open beta that began in August. The many features in Software Update Packet (SUP) 10.0 have been chosen… Read More