The short trailer video “Summer in Oregon” was shot mostly at 1080p by Neumann Films and is an exciting use of the Canon 5D MKIII DSLR camera and the Magic Lantern RAW hack.

This is of course is not Neumann Films first dabble into playing with DSLR cameras and Magic Lantern RAW video DNG files.

If you are serious about wanting to play with the Magic Lantern RAW hack on Canon DSLR cameras, then don’t waste your hard earned dollars on any silly eBook or How to Guide, when there are so many good folks out there like Neumann Films giving you tips, tricks, and workflow techniques for free.

Seriously an eBook? It’s not like it’s still 2002, and you know Wikipedia is free as well.

Magic Lantern – Raw Video Workflow Tutorial, by Neumann Films.

Neumann Films Summer in Oregon

Want more then please see Neumann Films for their take on Canon cameras, Magic Lantern RAW files and workflow techniques.

Also hit Neumann Films up for their “Summer In” short film competition.

Pics and video are of course, Neumann Films.

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