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Sports Shooting with the Sony A7R II & Long Glass Plus EOS Adapter from Patrick Murphy-Racey

Love what Patrick Murphy-Racey has going on with this tennis shoot. Fat Canon glass / adapter / Sony A7R II camera…

Sports Shooting with the Sony A7RII with Long Glass with EOS Adapter

So, I took my Sony A7RII on my first shoot today which was a tennis player. I wanted to see how difficult it would be to capture solid sports action with the new body. While I found the shutter lag time to be long, when I was able to get my timing just right with the Jarryd hitting the ball, the files were massive, easy to color correct, and the sliders in LR went for miles. I LOVE the new chip that allows for both large files with high quality AND low light sensitivity. It was pretty amazing to shoot at 12,800 ISO in the dark indoor courts and use the exposure of 1/1250th @ f/4 and have it actually work! Cudos to Sony for the new chip technology…

Patrick also added…

I’ve been thinking more about my shoot today and I’ve come to realize that the lag I experienced not not as much due to the EVF as it was the shutter itself. Perhaps Sony will allow a new feature in a future firmware upgrade to shorten that lag??? Hope so :)

If you go to 2:53 and very slowly advance the frames on the video, one by one, you can see the EVF is keeping up great with the action in real time. This is why I think it’s just shutter lag, for some reason….

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