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Silencer Electronic Follow Focus System… it is Whisper Quite:

| February 2, 2014

Virtually silent follow focus… I can hear you now; “Yeah, yeah right!”

Silencer Electronic Follow Focus

Well you be the judge how quite the Silencer electronic follow focus system really is.

Oh yeah before we forget, it runs via a trigger grip.

Our goal when designing the Silencer was to make it simple to use. To accomplish this, we decided to use a trigger for the focus control; It reminded us of a video game joystick we’ve used for years, and we knew that anyone could pick it up and feel comfortable using it. Even someone with no experience could use the Silencer’s trigger, know exactly what they’re doing, and have fun with it!

As with most Kickstarter campaigns there are a few flavours on offer with the Silencer electronic follow focus system.

Silencer Lite
Silencer Pro
Silencer Pro Zoom

This one is the Silencer Lite:

Silencer Lite

Silencer Electronic Follow Focus System used on “The Money, a Suspense Film by Christopher Steinberger”

The Silencer motor delivers more power at a fraction of the sound levels compared to the standard servo motors used in other follow focus designs. In addition, the drive motor is enclosed in the rail and located in the rear of the camera. This makes the system quieter than other systems during operation; it’s virtually silent.

Silencer motor

To find out more about the Silencer Electronic Follow Focus System, please see 24SHOTS Kickstarter campaign.

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