Just as we told you, during a web chat Chinese camera maker Kinefinity dropped news of their KineMAX 6K camera. That’s in the making, but will come in three flavours… More news at NAB 2014.

They also dropped the KineMINI 4K camera.

The Kinefinity KineMINI camera comes in four flavours and starts at ¥18,000 US$2,900 and then goes all the way up to ¥32,800 US$5,200.

The KineMINI will do 1080p 100fps, 2K 96fps, 4k 30FPS CinemaDNG RAW… But high speed and 4K are add on extras.

OK so I lost you…

Here are some pretty rendered pictures to distract you:

KineMAX Camera


Kinefinity 6K Camera


KineMAX Kinefinity Cameras

KineMAX Lens

KineMAX Phone


KineMAX Range

KineMINI 4K Camera


If you need more info on the KineMINI and the KineMAX cameras then please hit up Kinefinity.

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