You may recall there was that corporate espionage case where RED slapped a lawsuit on ARRI executive Micheal Bravin and ARRI Inc not too long ago. Well of course that ex Band Pro employee Michael Bravin was nabbed and hauled before the judge and he plead guilty to hacking emails from Band Pro’s President and CEO Amnon Band. JJ from RED cried unfair competition had occurred via Michael Bravin or his alleged pseudonym Ed Carlton by illegally accessing content in emails that contained confidential information about the then unreleased EPIC camera and the potential sale of Band Pro to RED. ARRI Inc was also accused of false advertising and disrespecting 4K and 4K camera makers.

The RED V Brevin and ARRI Inc complaint alleged misappropriation of trade secrets, false advertising, unfair competition, unlawful trade practices, and also sort disgorgement, injunctive relief and cessation. Well now all three parties in the lawsuit have agreed to joint stipulation for dismissal with prejudice. That means that all claims, counterclaims and defenses asserted in the case are forever dismissed and each party involved has to bear its own costs, fees and expenses. So that is end of the matter for RED as far as ARRI and Bravin are concerned. However Band Pro Vs ARRI Inc and Micheal Bravin is still an outstanding matter.


Read the US Court document HERE.

Read the US court document Band Pro Vs ARRI Inc and Michael Bravin HERE.

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