RED have issued a cease and desist order as well as started civil proceedings against Sony Corporation of America and Sony Electronics Inc claiming the Sony F65, F55, and the F5 cameras all embody RED patents used without license. In suing Sony, RED claims loss of sales, reduced business and profit, and that the general reputation of RED has been damaged as a result of the alleged patent infringements.
The three patents included in the RED Vs Sony Civil Case are 8,174,560: “Video camera” 8,358,357: “Video camera” and this one which appears to be a mistake, a possible typo: 8,175,560: “Method and system for tuning an antenna.” As you can see the patents date back to the RED-One camera and the start of the REDCODE RAW days… except for the crazy antenna one which we don’t care about.

RED Sue Sony

RED claim Sony’s alleged infringing sales of the F65, F55, and F5 cameras are likely to cause irreparable harm to RED, which can not be compensated by damages. Accordingly RED seeks a preliminarily and permanent injunction enjoining Sony Corporation of America and Sony Electronics Inc from making, using offering to sell, and selling the Sony F65, F55 and F5 cameras.

If successful with its civil case it is alleged RED will seek from Sony Corporation of America and Sony Electronics Inc an amount no less than lost profits or a reasonable royalty, plus Sony Corporation of America and Sony Electronics Inc to offer up all infringing cameras for destruction.

RED has asked for a trial by jury.

Please read the court documents supplied by Scribd: v. Sony Corporation of America et. al. by

RED ONE Camera

Video camera (US patent 8174560) by

Video camera (US patent 8358357) by

This one is most likely a typo and should not be included in the documents.

Method and system for tuning an antenna (US patent 8175560) by

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