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RED 8K Sensor Test 2017 by Phil Holland

Phil Holland has always been one of the ones to watch with a RED camera. Take a look at what Phil gets from a RED 8K sensor camera test.

Evaluating and examining the two 8K sensor technologies that RED Digital Cinema produces as of January 2017, Dragon 8K VV and Helium 8K S35.

This is uploaded in 8K and what you see at 8K resolution for each test setup is 100% of the captured resolution. Overall I’d recommend viewing this footage full screen in 4K or 8K resolution to get the benefits of the higher bit depth of the YouTube encoding no matter what screen resolution you are viewing this on.

Quick Links:
0:18 – Introduction
0:36 – ISO Analysis – RWG/Log3G10 with Rec.709 Transform LUT
4:36 – ISO Analysis – RWG/Log3G10 – No Transform LUT
8:37 – ISO Texture – RWG/Log3G10 with Rec.709 Transform LUT
9:25 – ISO Texture – RWG/Log3G10 – No Transform LUT
10:13 – Dynamic Range – RWG/Log3G10 with Rec.709 Transform LUT
11:01 – Dynamic Range – RWG/Log3G10 – No Transform LUT
11:49 – Skin Tones & Color – RWG/Log3G10 with Rec.709 Transform LUT

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