New Canon DSLR PL-Mount: No Body Modification To Fit Your Cinematic Lenses

Zunow have a new Canon 5D MKII & 7D PL Mount that does not require heavy modification of your DSLR cameras body and won’t void your warranty. No moving the sensor or altering the electronics of the camera.
The PL Mount 5D from Zunow uses optical glass and will set you back around $2800. Please note I have been advised on the correct US dollar amount the PL Mount should go on sale for.

##Update ZGC is selling the Zunow PL Mount for $3,055.
3D Broadcast has the Zunow PL Mount listed for £1800.00 +VAT £2115.00 inc.VAT with an estimated 3-4 day delivery.

Zunow’s web write up:

This is the very first PL Mount where you don’t have to modify your Canon DSLR camera. This means you don’t have to send it away and hope it will get back to you in one piece. Also your standard Canon warranty will still be in affect when you use this adapter.

Thanks to the high quality optical glass inside the PL Mount we can create a perfect 35mm light circle around your full frame sensor. So you can film with your Canon DSLR without any distorsion or lost in depth of field.

The Zunow PL Mount 5D comes standard with a V-lock support plate. This will support your PL Mount with a heavy cinematic lens attached. Thanks to the V-lock system you can mount you DSLR onto every quick release adapter. So easy to use onto your tripod.

If you like to know more regarding this PL Mount please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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14/10/2010 7:09 PM

I know I posted a comment already, but I have a question for you. Have you sold any of these yet? I noticed on your website you don't mention that the Zunow requires back and forth internal focusing otherwise the focus of the PL lens is off! Does your company sell any PL lenses that will fit? The only one I've see on there is the Angenieux. There's a $400 adapter without glass that does the same thing for that lens. $3000 is a ludicrous amount of money to spend for something so limited.

14/10/2010 6:52 PM

I saw the Zunow at a trade show and thought it looked promising at first. Unfortunately then I found out how it works and it's a big waste of money. There is a lens inside the Zunow that needs to have the focused changed for every PL lens you mount. The focus happens inside, and you can't focus by eye. YOU HAVE TO GO BACK AND FORTH GUESSING AND CHANGING the element to the right focus point. Because of that it is IMPOSSIBLE to mount most cinema lenses. They didn't tell me the price. If it was $500 maybe I… Read more »

12/10/2010 5:47 PM

Actually the "official" price is $3055 USD (as set by the manufacturer) this is the same price that all Authorized Dealers are to be selling this unit for.

I'd love to talk to you about getting the lowest price – but that's my lowest "advertised" price! So ask me for a quote.

gavin lim
12/10/2010 12:21 PM

i would like to know more about the PL Mount. It's interesting to know what is that about.

hope to hear from you soon.


Mike V
10/10/2010 5:47 PM

What is the focal length change with the adaptor?

10/10/2010 4:33 AM


I´d like to find out more about the PL Mount. News, prices, etc…

Greetings from Spain,