Need Sound Advice? Watch Sennheiser Audio for Video Online Tutorials:

Filmmaker Geert Verdickt the multi-award-winning video journalist has joined forces with audio specialist Sennheiser to develop a series of tutorial videos dedicated to the subject of audio for video filmmakers. “If you’re asking me ‘What is the most underestimated power of filmmaking?’ that would be sound,” says filmmaker Geert Verdickt. In a total of five episodes, Geert Verdickt shows ambitious filmmakers how to record perfect sound for their videos and does it in a way that is both professional and entertaining.

See Sennheiser for more about their audio for video online tutorials.

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Take 5 Cinema
21/10/2012 3:14 AM

These are by far the most original, most refreshing, enjoyable videos I think I have yet to see. It was fun, hilarious, well thought out and so interesting, that I was compelled to watch it to the end.


Take 5