Translated from the Japanese NEC press release:

NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. (President: Noboru Akagi, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo), it will start shipping from May 30 this year, 24-inch 4K wide liquid crystal display “MultiSync LCD-EA244UHD-BK”.


Suggested retail price and sales target number of new products are as follows.

Model name: MultiSync LCD-EA244UHD-BBK
The number of display pixels: 3840 × 2160
Suggested retail price: Open (we have seen $2900 as a possible price)
Sales target: 1,000 units / year

As the trend of the image display device market recently, high resolution has progressed, QFHD enabled devices capable of displaying a resolution of four times that of full HD is extended, even in desktop monitors, mainly in professional graphics, and print in particular It is expected to be extended.

New product was “MultiSync LCD-EA244UHD-BK”, for the high-definition display of QFHD support, a sense of reality of the image, sense of depth also increases, view pictures, graphic, the model is suitable for editing, shooting, editing for those who are photography enthusiasts to stick to, it provides advanced editing environment and a high-definition image display.

In addition, the board is equipped with a wide viewing angle IPS LCD panel, it also provides a comfortable working environment while being a wide-screen 24-inch, it is easy to watch.

In addition, the use of the backlight “GB-R” white LED, and a wide color gamut of Adobe RGB equivalent, achieving a mercury-free. It is a low environmental load design model has been installed and human sensor, which allows the reduction of power consumption when a person leaves, to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen by the brightness of the surroundings as well as “Auto Brightness” function.

The main features of the new product are as follows.

4K high-definition display

The wide screen resolution of QFHD (3840 × 2160), and provides an environment with high work efficiency. In addition, including the ability to display four sides at the same time a full HD (1920 × 1080) screen, providing a multi-screen environment, seamless one.

To realize a wide color gamut of the Adobe ® RGB equivalent “GB-R” White LED Backlight

I adopt the backlight “GB-R” white LED (* 1), achieving a wide color gamut of the Adobe ® RGB equivalent. In addition, by increasing to about 23kHz dimming frequency, we have also achieved a reduction in flicker. In addition, mercury-free is also realized by a white LED backlight adoption. Not only the reduction of CO2 emissions during use, with the aim of reducing the global environmental impact of disposal.

It is equipped with a wide viewing angle IPS LCD panel

It is equipped with a wide viewing angle IPS LCD panel with high visibility even when viewed from an oblique direction. While a wide-screen 24-inch, with a wide viewing angle 178 ° up, down, left and right, I will provide a comfortable working environment that is easy to watch.

UHD upscaling function deployment

If the resolution of the input signal is less than the resolution of the display screen, by interpolating the pixels missing, it displays the pictures of the perceived resolution.

Equipped with a multiple screen display function

You can be displayed at the same time by being divided into multiple screens. For example, in the two split-screen, in addition to the central division of the display (screen 2 of 1920 × 2160), display of anomalies such as division of 1280 × 2160 and 2560 × 2160 is also available. In addition, (screen 2 of 1920 × 1080 and 1 screen of 1920 × 2160) vertical split (screen 3 of the 1280 × 2160), vertical and horizontal division, addition, the 4 screen display full HD (1920 × 1080) resolution in three screen display is possible.

Rich input terminal of the 6.6 system

Including the DisplayPort terminal state-of-the-art, it is equipped with an HDMI terminal affinity with digital AV equipment is high. In addition, DVI-D terminals are widely used in general purpose PC also addition, it has a six-line input. Because the HDMI terminal also supports MHL standard, which is widely used in smart phones, it can also be displayed on the display screen smartphone also.

Human sensor deployment to advance one step further power saving

It is possible by detecting it automatically when the user leaves the seat, the screen OFF, or set to a mode in which the luminance of 0%. Since it is automatically restored if a user returns to the seat, it provides a power-saving environment one step without being aware of the special.

It is equipped with auto brightness function

Detects ambient brightness, depending on the state of the display screen and the measurement results, and automatically adjusted the brightness of the screen. It is possible to automatically reduce the brightness and use in a dark room, the screen displays a lot of white space, which leads to a reduction in power consumption and anti-glare. In addition, the mounting together enter a power-saving mode automatically depending on the brightness of the surroundings also “off mode function”. It can suppress the useless power consumption due to forgetting.

Check out the NEC Japanese website for more on the 24 Inch MultiSync LCD-EA244UHD-BK 4K Monitor.

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