Again on REDuser Jarred Land announced an upgrade path for RED Weapon camera users to a full farm 8K sensor.

Full Frame / Vista Vision 40mm x 20mm ( 40.96mm x 21.6mm )

8192 x 4320 @ 75FPS

NAB price for the upgrade is $10k additional to Weapon CF or Weapon CF upgrade during NAB only. Upgrade Price when 8K ships at end of the year will be $20k.

If you order 8K now, you will receive 6K Weapon when 6K ships the beginning of July and be upgraded when 8K ships.

Come see me tomorrow in our booth and ask about the limited edition FORGED CARBON option ( which I used to shoot this ) :

8K VISTA VISION FORGED WEAPON from RED Digital Cinema on Vimeo.


RED 8K Camera

For more: RED.

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