Movcam Wooden Handle Grips For Your Camera:

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Quick one for you: The Movcam range of wood grip handles for your camera.

Movcam new wooden handle can support: Arri Alexa/ Sony F5/F55/ Red Epic/Scarlet / Canon C300/C500 /Sony FS700 / BMCC…

Movcam Wood Handle Grip

Please see Movcam for more information about their range of wooden handle support grips.

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  • Raphael

    This already the 2nd time I read on your site about the Movcam grips and when I go on their site there is no trace of them, quite annoying

  • Peter

    Yes a hopeless site. they have a picture of the baseplate for the F55, then absolutely not a word about it on their website.

  • VisionWrangler

    I’ve looked and looked and I’m in the same boat. On Social Media they drop these things then it can’t be found on their website.