Do you like your camera hacks served in VGA, 4:3 or 16:9? Well Herr Hayn on Vimeo has put up results from a test of a hacked Panasonic GH2 camera for you all to scope.

Here’s a side by side test for the two new GH2 Hacks :

. Using VGA mode for higher resolutions.
. Recording 42 Mb (or more) footage in 24p mode

Now we can use VGA(4:3) mode for 1920 x 720 resolution so we get a 2.66:1 image and it captures a wider image than the 16:9
Also 4:3 images have a little more contrast but unfortunately VGA mode can only record 30 fps and MJPEG where as 16:9 24p AVCHD has still better image quality especially in low light.
The best part you don’t have to do resizing or “interpret footage” in post, it comes ready to use

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