Guacamole Smooth HONDO Garage 50-Dollar Follow Focus:

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You have to sit up and take notice when someones comes out and describes a follow focus unit as “guacamole smooth.”

The HONDO Garage follow focus is stated as just that, guacamole smooth and it costs just $50. Does it work…
Well it’s just $50 and it is a former Kickstarter darling that was over funded by only $107,000. Probably, is the answer.

HONDO Garage 50 Buck Follow Focus

The 50-Dollar HONDO Garage Follow Focus is small, extremely packable, and designed to last longer than any camera you’ll ever own. If you need a tiny, sturdy, single-operator focus tool, then look no further. You’ve found it.

Thanks to Lucas Pfaff for the video:

Why HONDO Garage think their follow focus is awesome:

Allows you to achieve guacamole smooth focus pulls (or zooms)
Fits in the palm of your hand, so you can sneak it on airplanes
Uses belts so there’s almost no backlash and no need to buy gears for all your lenses
It’s a quality tool, made mostly out of metal, and manufactured by us in Montana
Inherent gear reduction means precise focus control, even on cheap photo lenses
Has a lever that cam be repositioned so you can set marks and use it even on long-throw lenses
Did we mention it’s only fifty dollars?

Please visit HONDO Garage for more details about their $50 follow focus and other gear they have.

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  • Eduardo G

    I just ordered one here in the states and it arrived a couple days later. It truly is guacamole smooth. I highly recommend for a first time buyer that they buy the follow focus pro pack for $100.00. I immediately saw that my 30mm sigma was too big for the smaller band that comes with the $50.00 follow focus. I used it on my rails and it works like a charm. Like in the video, I recommend you get a lens gear belt as well. I love how we finally don’t have to decide between buying a DSLR and a follow focus. Just ridiculous.