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How Quiet is Rhino Camera Gear Rhino Arc?

Rhino Camera Gear wanted to show you what to expect from their Rhino Arc and Rhino Motion and how loud / quiet it is when used in an interview setting. Interested in this Slider Bundle?

Unleash Your Camera Capability with Speed Line cable cam

Speed Line cable cam demonstrate a very quick look at their aerial cable camera system and running set up. UNLEASH YOUR CAMERA CAPABILITY with Speed Line cable cam SPL_ATC16 from Speed Line cable cam on Vimeo. SPEED LINE cable cam is the ultimate tool fo...

Shootools Easy Peasy AutoPan to Turntable in Seconds

A neat feature about the Italian made Shootools AutoPan, other than it's the first universal panning system, is that you have the ability to use it to make 360 degree turntable shots. The set up takes secon...

SmartSLIDER ATOM Assembling Procedure

A quick concise video showing you how to assemble / set up, and tune your brand new SmartSLIDER Atom Slider from Italian company SmartSystem. For more information please see: and www.s...

Panther Vario Jib a Lightweight Camera Jib Arm

Take a quick look at the Panther Vario Jib with its telescopic arms on both sides that makes the lightweight jib a universal piece of equipment for many of your shots. For more information click:

Quick BTS Look At The Ready Rig In Action

Check out the Ready Rig system behind the scenes in action on location helping tim TVC's. Behind-the-Scenes with Ready Rig from Motion State on Vimeo. A behind-the-scenes look at how the Motion State team...

Shootools AutoPan 30 Second Unboxing

A quick 30 second Shootools unboxing of the AutoPan System... AutoPan is a smart Electronic Device, fully programmable that WORKS with ANY SLIDER IN THE MARKET. For more information:

Can You Hear The Sound of SmartSLIDER Reflex S?

The Folks over at the Italian company SmartSystems wanted to see what would happen if they used a Zoom HN2 audio recorder at its maximum gain right next to their SmartSlider Reflex S in action. Can you hear any noise coming from the slider? ...

DitoGear Chase Car Kit

Check out the DitoGear Chase Car Kit. DitoGear™ Chase Car Kit from Dito Gear on Vimeo. DitoGear™ Chase Car Kit in Action Learn more at:

DitoGear High-Speed Motion Control Test Footage

DitoGear have dropped their Trinity and Morpheus high speed systems. DitoGear™ High-Speed Motion Control - Test Footage from Dito Gear on Vimeo. DitoGear™ High - Speed Motion Control First Pro...

A Look at the ShooTools AutoPan in Action in Chilly Scotland

Quick look at the ShooTools AutoPan in action out in the field in chilly Scotland. ShooTools AutoPan Hands on in Scotland from ShooTools on Vimeo. ShooTools AutoPan - The First Universal Panning Tool CREDITS: Alessandr...

SmartSystem Gear Getting Some Rotoscan Action

Italy's SmartSystem have made a simulation of a real world case using their gear for a RotoScan job. RotoScan technology helps in making 3-dimensional accurate computer model from a real world object using ...

Robots and Phantoms Are The Best Of Friends

Well if the Phantom High Speed Camera systems and the Mark Roberts Motion Control Bolt High Speed Cine Bot aren't the best of Friends. For more see: /