DitoGear Spinn360

DitoGear Spinn360 from Dito Gear on Vimeo. DitoGear™ Spinn360 is a new motion-controlled turntable supporting payloads up to 100kg. It allows for precise motion control across live-action cinematography, VFX, timelapse and stop-motion animation. Spinn360 can be controlled with all DitoGear™ motion controllers and integrates with… Read More

SYRP Magic Carpet Slider Review

From Andy Matthews, ACM Productions … Just a quick little review on the SYRP Magic Carpet 2.6″ Slider. The Magic Carpet is a simple, elegant and durable slider for producing silky smooth professional tracking movements. Beautifully designed and engineered with you in mind, it’s the… Read More

Rat Rig V-Sliders

Rat Rig Hardware have made a range of linear motion camera sliders based on V-Slot technology. Rat Rig sliders come in a multitude of sizes and have a starting price of just €35.90. Whether you’re a seasoned pro with a hi-tech rig, or a curious… Read More

OpenBuilds… DIY Slider

OpenBuilds Dual V Wheel Kits, mount them to a gantry plate and install the plate on an OpenRail linear system. The concept is the same for the OpenBuilds V Slot linear extrusion. OpenBuilds Dual V Wheel Kit Install http://www.openbuilds.com http://www.openbuildspartstore.com

IBC AR+ 2014

IBC AR+ 2014 from ARE+ on Vimeo. Feedback ARCAM tv to IBC 2014 Next appointment: NAB 2015 Thanks to our partners: Universal Robot Grass Valley CANON Images iTELE: FRED ROBIN

eMotimo Precision Turntable

eMotimo Precision Turntable from eMotimo on Vimeo. The eMotimo Turntable is the perfect tool for any photographer and cinematographer to add to their kit. It is incredibly precise, repeatable, durable, and easy to use. It is a simple product that produces stunning results. It works… Read More