Kessler CineSlider Features

From Kessler… CineSlider Features from Kessler Crane on Vimeo. The Kessler CineSlider™ is an extremely heavy-duty and durable camera slider designed for the heaviest rigs while still remaining portable and lightweight. Reinforced aluminum, protected rails and precision machining combine to give filmmakers assurance that no… Read More

Kessler Kwik Release

From Kessler… Kessler Kwik Release from Kessler Crane on Vimeo. The Kessler Kwik Release is an incredibly secure and easy to use camera and gear mounting platform featuring solid billet aluminum and stainless steel construction. The Kwik Release features a built-in, ultra-strong cam lock that… Read More

How to Setup a 3-axis Move with Second Shooter from Kessler Crane

From Kessler Crane… How to Setup a 3-axis Move with Second Shooter from Kessler Crane on Vimeo. Preston Kanak goes through the setup and configuration of a 3-axis move with Second Shooter and Shuttle Pod Mini. Second Shooter Shuttle Pod Mini

Technodolly from Panavision

From Panavision… With the revolutionary ability to record hand-held moves, the Technodolly allows cinematographers, directors and producers to conceive shots with unlimited length and difficulty where previous moves may have been too expensive or unsafe. Needing only 2 trained grips, set-up takes less than an… Read More

VibraFreek by DitoGear

Got plenty of AA batter….Oh wait it not that kind of freak vibe, it’s the VibraFreek from DitoGear. DitoGear launches VibraFreek, a stabilizer arm for automotive cinematography. DitoGear™, a company providing innovative motion control equipment, announces DitoGear™ VibraFreek, an affordable vibration dampening system for automotive… Read More

proyecto3MR 3-axis Crane

Some DIY crane building from Juan Martino… Crane – proyecto3MR from Juan Martino on Vimeo. 3-axis rotation system with a 5m telescopic arm placed in a standard lighting tripod. Compatible with all cameras. Lightweight and easy to carry. Designed and built by Samuel Ruiz and… Read More

eMotimo Precision Cart Overview

From eMotimo… eMotimo Precision Cart Overview from eMotimo on Vimeo. The eMotimo precision cart is ready for sale Coupled with the TB3, you can now easily capture 3 axis, panning, tilting, translating video and timelapse. Special thanks to: -Permagrin Films!home/mainPage with Marc Donahue,… Read More