From Matthew Pearce

Easy S-LOG Color Grading Workflow A7S : FS7

A tutorial for quick and easy color grading for the S-Log profile using DaVinci and Vision Color LUTs. Perfect for new Sony A7S and FS7 shooters that just need to get a more finalized look out for S-Log2 and S-Log3.

LUT used:…

Based on workflow from Espionage Films:

Sony A7S SLOG-2 Workflow from Espionage Films on Vimeo.

Image test with the Sony A7S. Shot at SLOG2/S-Gamut at 3200 ISO, +2.0EV.
Graded in Resolve with ImpulZ LUT Kodak 5203 (FC) for SLOG2 (F55).

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