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Potential news of a 6K camera from ARRI.

On Twitter @OFFHOLLYWOOD or as some know him as, Mark Peterson from OFFHOLLYWOOD Cine Equipment Rentals, Production Services, Product Development and Consulting out of New York dropped that we should see ARRI announce at NAB 2015 a new camera called the ARRI Alexa XTT.

ARRI Alexa XTT 6K Rumour

The ARRI Alexa XTT is going to be a 35mm 6K camera according to Mark.

There already is eight Alexa cameras in the ARRI stable:

Alexa (Classic)
Alexa Plus
Alexa Plus 4:3
Alexa M
Alexa Studio
Alexa XT
Alexa 65
Alexa Mini


The XT on the existing ARRI Alexa XT stands for extended technology. So what does the extra T stand for on the XTT?

Well we will leave that speculation for the other sites.

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