Cinematographers Talk about their Cannes Films & ARRI Alexa Cameras:

Here we have two cinematographers Karim Hussain and Erol Zubcevic talking about the movies they worked on and their decisions for choosing the ARRI Alexa camera to shoot with and the lack of lighting needed to achieve looks in their films.

Cinematographer Karim Hussain speaks with ARRI at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival about his collaboration with director Brandon Cronenberg on ANTIVIRAL, which was shot with the ARRI ALEXA.

DP Karim Hussain at Cannes 2012

Cinematographer Erol Zubcevic catches up with ARRI at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival to discuss shooting DJECA (CHILDREN OF SARAJEVO) with the ARRI ALEXA and working with the Bosnian director Aida Begic.

DP Erol Zubcevic at Cannes 2012

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