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Cinematic Interview Lighting

On the new look Cinematography Database they have guest host Evan Bourcier speak about cinematic interview lighting.

In this episode of General Cinematography we speak with Director/DP Evan Bourcier about his camera work and lighting for a short form commercial project he shot recently.

Bonus Video:

Lazarus Brewing – Free Beer for Life from Evan Bourcier on Vimeo.

For more information on becoming a Patron Saint of Lazarus Brewing please visit –

Behind the Scenes Breakdowns:
Part 1: Pre-Production –
Part 2.1 – Production Day 1:
Part 2.2 – Production Day 2:
Part 2.3 – Production Day 3:
Part 3: Post-Production:

A Valo Visuals Production –

Director/DP – Evan Bourcier
Producer – Denis Zenchenko

Concept: Nicholas Cryder
Composer – Ben Winwood
Motion Graphic Artist – Philip Elgie
VFX Artist – Brandon Clements
Grip – David Atkins
Sound Op – Richard Hamilton

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