Cartoni has expanded its line of tripod pan-and-tilt heads with MAGNUM, its largest capacity product ever. MAGNUM, which will be shown for the first time at NAB 2015, offers a payload capacity of 25 – 95 kg (55 – 210 lbs.) combined with reliable operation, a fluid feel (with no transition in tilting) and an unprecedented 5-year warranty. It’s an ideal choice for studio and outside broadcast cameras, including those with long lens configurations or bulky accessories.

Cartoni MAGNUM

“MAGNUM is Cartoni’s response to our customers’ need for a versatile, workhorse fluid head capable of supporting today’s heavier camera packages,” said David Butler, Cartoni USA National Sales Manager. “MAGNUM is designed to handle big box cameras with big lenses. It maintains stability through zooms of four to five hundred feet, or more. That, plus our best-in-the-industry 5-year warranty, makes this an outstanding value.” Butler notes that MAGNUM also provides complete balance control for payloads weighing as little as 25 kg (55 lbs.), making it a versatile performer.

Cartoni USA will be demonstrating MAGNUM and the rest of its product line at NAB 2015, Booth C9039.

As with all Cartoni fluid heads, MAGNUM employs the company’s patented technology to deliver perfect counterbalance at any tilt angle +/- 65°. High-performance, continuous-drag fluid modules ensure maximum flexibility in drag intensity, making it ideal for fast moves and precise long shots.

A wide camera platform, incorporating a standard wedge plate, allows quick and safe attachment of the camera. A micrometric sliding plate, operated by an accessible crank wheel, ensures the perfect centering of any configuration. It’s also equipped with a positive horizontal lock for safe set up. MAGNUM can be attached to Mitchell mount tripods, pedestals and other flat base supports via M12 threaded shaft knob, 4 bolt fixing system or 2 ¾ ” castle-nut.

MAGNUM is available with a digital readout system for counterbalance, pan & tilt and drag intensity. The electronic display is conveniently positioned on the rear for easy, single-hand access.

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