Radiant Wireless VR Mobility Platform

From Radiant Images… Radiant Wireless VR Mobility Platform from Radiant Images on Vimeo. Our latest improvements on the Headcase Cinema Quality VR rig features wireless control and large air-filled tires for smoother movement on a wider variety of terrains. More info at: http://radiantimages.com/cameras/vr360/986-codex-vr Bonus VR… Read More

RED Epic Dragon 6K Dynamic Range:

Quick one for you… RED Epic Dragon Dynamic Range test from the Mob at Magnanimous Media. 18-stop greyscale shot with with Epic Dragon in 6K 5:1 and rendered in RedLogFilm. Red Epic Dragon – Dynamic Range – Magnanimous Media from Magnanimous Media on Vimeo.

Forza Demo That 100+ MP Camera:

Forza Silicon showed off that 100+ MP camera platform system at the Defense, Security and Sensing or DSS convention, in Baltimore. Forza Silicon’s 100+ MP CAM Platform System is an advanced CMOS image sensor modular camera reference design. It features a customizable CMOS image sensor… Read More

Meerkat Mini Camera:

Camera Corps announces a major new addition to its range of speciality cameras, the MeerCat mini camera. The Meercat fulfils the need for a very high quality miniature HD broadcast camera which can be mounted practically anywhere without being visible to other cameras or to… Read More

Codex Action CAM:

Codex have announced the Codex Action CAM, an ultra-compact, all-in-one, digital cinema camera and recording package for 2D and S3D production. The camera is designed for use as an Action | witness | POV camera system on commercials, TV and movie productions as a companion… Read More