Audio Tracks Are Always Just As Important As Vision:

The short film by Henrik Hansen on Shinya Kimura @ Chabott Engineering shot on Canon 5D MKII and 7D cameras is a breath of fresh air. Great story, great character, well produced, well shot, well planned out, and well edited. The post production is as good as the preproduction on this story.
There is of course one element that really stands out and that is the sound design. By clearly and cleverly setting out to enhance the viewers experience while watching the vision and the story unfold we are taken on an audio ride that adds to every carefully chosen piece of footage in the film. Audio is just as important as vision.
Try watching the video again but turn the audio off. Audio tracks in films, shorts, features, or somewhere in between have a big roll to play in productions and Henrik Hansen with his Shinya Kimura @ Chabott Engineering video proves that.

shinya kimura @ chabott engineering from Henrik Hansen on Vimeo.

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21/10/2010 1:37 AM

Tremendous film with sound + images. The execution of the sound reminds me so much of old school "foley" sound … very dramatic and this certainly enhances every image the viewer sees.

Someone told me the other day, it is important to appeal to all the five senses … sight, hearing, touch, taste & smell. But I think as filmmakers it's important to go to another level … the soul.