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About Cinescopophilia

Cinescopophilia started as an offshoot to the @VisionWrangler Twitter account so there was somewhere to expand content found while looking up gear.

With 20+ years in the business Vision Wrangler and now Cinescopophilia have enjoyed the evolution and at times seemingly revolution in cameras, lighting, audio, and editing.

We think it’s only fair we get to share the excitement of our finds, and the Cinescopophilia Blog allows us to do that.

So taking a different approach to camera gear Blogging Cinescopophilia unashamedly specializes in the highly evolved world of Cutting and Pasting content and deals in trimming the story fat.

Cinescopophilia posts interesting and relevant content about all sorts of camera equipment everyday, and we pride ourselves on that commitment and we know you love that too.

Cinescopophilia gets to write what ever the hell Cinescopophilia likes the look of, and will be of benefit to our readers.

Every effort is made to inform readers of sponsor shout outs if they happen.

Cinescopophilia is happy to share all the new camera gear news, views, & reviews with our readers

Please note that Cinescopophilia does not sell anything directly to anyone, but rather points out where the good equipment can be bought.

If you have any new camera gear and want to get the word out there then let Cinescopophilia know and we can quickly cut and paste the hell out of that for you. Hit up the CONTACT page to get in touch or if you would like to advertise in the highly exciting would of camera gear blogging.