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We like to share the excitement of our finds, and the Cinescopophilia Blog allows us to do that.

Cinescopophilia is part gear, part news, part reviews, part videos and a large slice of fun.

Started by an Australian News industry veteran Cameraman, Cinescopophilia posts interesting and relevant content about all sorts of equipment, and camera gear, and what creative people do with them everyday.

If you have any new camera gear or a visually stunning video that you want us to get the word out there, then let Cinescopophilia show the world.

Every effort is made to inform readers of sponsor shout outs if they happen on the Cinescopophilia Blog.

Please note that Cinescopophilia does not sell anything directly to anyone, but rather points out where the good equipment can be bought.

If you have any new camera gear or videos, and want to get the word out there then let Cinescopophilia know and we can quickly cut and paste the hell out of that for you.

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