Following the recent adoption of intoPIX JPEG 2000 compression solution by NTT-AT, intoPIX and NTT-AT signed an agreement on 4K interoperability based on the new JPEG 2000 Broadcast Profile to ease the 4K adoption in the Broadcast & Video Production market.

The Broadcast & Video Production markets have always been challenging for new format transmission and for new interfacing between sites. Today the requirements for 4K, 3D and HD 60p content exchange is pushing system integrators and manufacturers for new achievements.

intoPIX, as IP-Core provider, brings their expertise to solve the interoperability issues between manufacturers proprietary consideration and needs for standardization. “As an involved member of the Video Services Forum (VSF), we are delighted to set the Broadcast Profile as the corner stone of interoperability”, says Gael Rouvroy, CTO and founder of intoPIX SA.

“The collaboration with intoPIX has been active directly or indirectly with many projects through years already. NTT-AT has been frequently requested by the market to turn-around multimedia contents within content providers and within contribution networks. The recent emergence of the JPEG 2000 Broadcast Profile is definitely a door to simplify connectivity and our partnership with intoPIX sets milestone in this regard,” says Shinji Matsuoka, Broadband Systems Innovation Team Manager at NTT-AT.

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