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Shot On ARRI: India Showreel

ARRI have put together a showreel showing off an impressive range of professional productions all shot with ARRI equipment in India. ...

Cinevate HORIZEN Slider System

Cinevate introduce their newest slider system, the HORIZEN The Horizen slider natively supports both 75mm and 100mm bowl heads. Cinevate CEO...
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Camera News


Only RED cameras offer the REDCODE RAW codec   REDCODE RAW maximizes image fidelity and flexibility in post, an...

Lens News

Monitor News

Go Behind The Scenes on “The Flat Earth” featuring SmallHD

A quick behind the scenes tech from Ghost Digital Cinema that went into making the "The Flat Earth" featuring some of the most amazing camera gear around. This time the spotlight is on the SmallHD. Check out THE FLAT EARTH now:

Quick SmallHD FOCUS Review from LensProToGo

Greg from LensProToGo takes a quick look at the SmallHD FOCUS in this edition of 60 Second Sunday. Welcome to the first episode of the 60 Second Sunday where every Sunday I will give you a 60 second overview of a new piece of gear cover all the important in...

Lighting News

A Look at the Hive Wasp 100-C Omni Color LED Light

Greg from LensProToGo takes a look at the Hive Wasp 100-C Omni Color LED Light. For todays things to know we check out the first RGBW light coming from Hive Lighting the Wasp 100-C Omni Color LED! This l...

A Look at the Dracast Yoga Series 500 LED Lights

A quick look at some of the features from the Dracast Yoga Series 500 LED lights and their flexible, waterproof design that allows you take it almost anywhere with you. Purchase your own here: https://www....

Tripod News

Geko Car Support and CARTONI Combination

What do you get if you crossed Geko Car Support with CARTONI camera support? Answer: a wildlife support system. Geko Car Support from CARTONI - Camera Supports on Vimeo. A support for cameras, perfect for wildlife shooting....


Review of the Paralinx Ace

Reece of Northwoods Community Church takes the Paralinx Ace for a spin and shows off how wireless video systems enable n...